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Club Membership

Membership is $30.00 per member.

At least one person per team must have a membership or an additional $10.00 will be added to the entry fee and no points will be accumalted from that event towards AOY and/or the event will not count toward the 4 events needed to make the club fishoff. For the team to particpate in the fishoff, both members need to have a purchased a membership.


Entry Fees

Regular Tournament entry fees are $65.00


$50.00 is entry

$5.00 is for Milfoil Inspection

$10.00 is for lunker


If you are a non member, entry fee is an additional $10.00 for a total of $75.00


Trail Fees

Our club championship requires you to pay $200.00

This payment is due by July 1st.



Regular events for 2015 will guarentee $500.00 to 1st Place

Championship with Guarantee the following:

1st   $2000.00

2nd $1000.00

3rd  $500.00

Payout Scale 2015
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July 9th - 2017

Pocomoonshine Iron Man (7am-7pm)




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